Monday, January 21, 2013

Ashley & Ryan

Last week I was able to take one last trip to Utah before I leave for my LDS Mission next month. Since I won't be here for their wedding I begged them to do a snow shoot with me. Say hello to the cutest couple ever.

 IMG_8109IMG_8100 IMG_8124 IMG_8128 IMG_8129 bw IMG_8118 IMG_8142 IMG_8144 IMG_8147 bw IMG_8158 IMG_8156 IMG_8159 IMG_8168 IMG_8172 bw IMG_8183 IMG_8176 IMG_8184 IMG_8195 bw IMG_8199 IMG_8197 bw IMG_8205 IMG_8213 IMG_8217 IMG_8222 IMG_8228 IMG_8187 IMG_8229 IMG_8224 IMG_8234 IMG_8231 IMG_8236 darker IMG_8241 IMG_8240 IMG_8246 IMG_8256 IMG_8249 bw IMG_8258 IMG_8268 IMG_8274

1 comment:

Zoe Clement said...

Ashley has such a great butt. Also, I love you and I wish that Nate would have let you take pictures of us because now I'm crying.