Thursday, July 12, 2012

Evan and Jennifer

... and little Kael too.
IMG_2634 IMG_2642 IMG_2652 IMG_2648 IMG_2664 IMG_2662 IMG_2700 IMG_2696 IMG_2730 IMG_2733 IMG_2749 IMG_2742 IMG_2783 IMG_2800 IMG_2820 IMG_2815 IMG_2850 IMG_2877 IMG_2909 IMG_2923 IMG_2930 IMG_2856 IMG_2957 IMG_3021 IMG_3024 IMG_3062 IMG_3005


Zoe said...

You nailed it, boo. These are BEAUTIFUL!! :D I like the babies' tats. Haha.

Brigham & Jessica said...

wow what a gorgeous family! and great photos by Kaitlin :)

Jennifer Smith said...

Kaitlin, thank you again. You are nothing short of AMAZING <3 these pictures make me so happy and so excited everytime I look at them :) you ROCK