Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bekah and Pati

I've been so excited to share these photos from Bekah and Pati's engagements
& now that the announcements are all sent out, I can finally post them!

But first, I have to share this video that Pati made for Bekah's bridal shower.
It will melt your heart.

IMG_9139 IMG_9268 IMG_9286 IMG_9317 IMG_9329IMG_9371 IMG_9379 IMG_9381 IMG_9451 IMG_9501 IMG_9515 IMG_9517 IMG_9873 IMG_9857 IMG_9581 IMG_9575 IMG_9630 IMG_9662 IMG_9582 IMG_9676 IMG_9688 IMG_9755 IMG_9779 IMG_9795 IMG_9793 IMG_9808 IMG_9798

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