Friday, August 6, 2010

New Do

I'm loving my new layout! What do you think?

The old one just felt too cluttered with the background and to be honest that giant picture of me freaked me out every time I went on my blog.

So I did a little spring cleaning and I'm loving this so much better. Classic white with little hints of teal gold and pink, probably the three best colors mans eyes have seen. The simplicity of it allows the photographs to be seen in the best possible light instead of having to compete with the busy background and gigantic header.

Also, there are some new additions, under the header I have created a couple pages for your viewing pleasure. There you can find a little about me, who im blog stalking, and how to get ahold of me. Its all under construction right now btu I hope to have it finished tonight.

I feel so much better.

Now for some pictures later on tonight (:

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