Sunday, July 19, 2009


A quick little poem that I heard today:) 
I thought it was cute and so I wanted to share it!

the more the dollar is printed,
The less each one is worth.

And so it is with kisses,
You've given since your birth.

The value of your kisses,
A sample cannot measure.

Nor is your kiss more worthy,
If it's said to give one pleasure.

The more and more you give away,
The better your kiss is known.

And to all the world your kiss is
cheap, and your affection shown.

But if you save your kisses,
No matter what the cost.

You'll find as time moves forward,
A chance you've saved, not lost!

And wen you find the one you love,
With whom you'll live life through.

Think of the worth of a perfect kiss,
If saved "for only you."

-Alvin W. Jones-

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