Friday, February 1, 2013

First Film Camera

A little less than a month ago I bought my first film camera. I've wanted to get into film for a while but since I haven't touched film since High School I didn't really know where to begin again. When I was up in Utah, I met up with my good friend Greg for a crash course in film. I still have a long way to go, but I love how my first two practice rolls turned out.

Disclaimer: I didn't buy a high quality scan of these rolls because I wasn't sure if they would even turn out. None of the pictures are edited, so the colors are a bit off. But I really shouldn't apologize because I kind of like it. Here are my favorites.

R1-04345-000A_0001R1-04345-000AR1-04345-002A R1-04345-003A R1-04345-004A R1-04345-006A R1-04345-010A R1-04345-014A R1-04345-016A R1-04345-019A R1-04345-024A R1-04347-0001R1-04347-0003R1-04347-0016 R1-04347-0021 R1-04347-0022 R1-04347-0023

Thanks so much Greg. You are the best. 
(the man himself)